Wednesday, August 22, 2007

What PZ said....

From Pharyngula

Come February, we are going to be privileged to see a brand new movie that stars Ben Stein and portrays Intelligent Design creationism as the cool rebel oppressed by the stodgy old Darwinist bullies. Did you know that "scientists are not allowed to even think thoughts that involve an intelligent creator"? I didn't either. I think a lot of scientists have thought about it and noticed that there is no evidence for such a hypothesis, and have therefore rejected it.
I guess this idiocy was inevitable. From what I gather from the movie's website. Ben is playing the supercooooool teacher who is oppressed and suppressed by the eeeeeeevillll science community who hate invisible best friends like the Judeo-Chrisitian imaginary sky-buddy. It should make the rounds through the Bibble Belt and evangelical churches, but as far as making my Netflix queue or plunking down $10 for this stinkeroo.... um no.

Beside the very idea of BS in a pair of private school shorts should be enough to make anyone question the existence of an intelligent creator in the first place.

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