Thursday, July 12, 2007

Flynt. Hookers. GOP

Ah the Flying Fickle Finger of Fate points its judicial digit at another member of the G.O.P's moral elite. This time it is Louisiana Senator David Vitter.

Leading the charge that threatens up to 20 members of the government, gadfly and... ahem... adult entertainment mogul Larry Flynt. I despise hypocrisy and I really can not stand bullshit moralists. So basically when one of these clowns gets caught in a sex scandal, it just sets me to laughin'. Oh the rain is comin' and its gonna hit like pissin' on a flat rock.
Flynt is tracking 20 congressional sex scandal leads
By Elana Schor
July 11, 2007 (link)

...The Vitter scandal has touched off new anxiety among Republicans over whether their party will pay the price for members who fail to live up to their moral principles. Flynt, an unabashed Democrat, acknowledged that the GOP provides him with easier targets.

“Republicans are more fun because they get caught so easily,” Flynt said. “They’ve been living a repressed life all their life. Democrats are liberal — they wear it on their sleeve. Their sex life is what it is. They don’t spend their whole life trying to cover it up.”


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