Thursday, October 06, 2005

File Under: Things Swept Under Rug

Well, some of you might remember my post from a few weeks back outlining why EA as a company is bad for the video game industry in the same way that Standard Oil was bad for the petrol industry.
Seems that a small victory has been won by various EA employees who brought a class action suit against the company:
EA Settles Lawsuit Over Labor Malpractice
The case made famous by EA_Spouse closes, for now.

Unfortunatly it is only a settlement. The standard BS is in effect here: EA claims no wrong doing, no precedent is set...blah blah blah. Worst of all, this only applies to EA employees in California (sorry EA: canada aka EA :BIG makers of SSX and NBA street)
so expect to see more titles from thier periphery studios.
At least EA will think twice about overworking thier staff and losing 15.6 mill.

Baby steps folks.

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