Saturday, October 15, 2005

Join the Guard Get Tunes!!!!!

Has it finally come to this: Join the National Guard and Get:

100% Tuition Assistance,
$20,000 Student Loan Repayment,
and up to
$10,000 Enlistment Bonus.

It’s called serving your community part-time while getting great benefits.

Money For College Career Training Leadership Skills
Plus FREE Music

That's right folks sign up now and get three free, count 'em three free downloads from I-Tunes. Yes it has g
otten THAT bad.

I have another idea for recruitment they are available and their support for the occupation of Iraq is unshakable:

The College Republican National Comittee- Hell they should want to go right???

The Minuteman Project- Perfect for Protecting that Syrian Border!

Hurry guys and gals of the unshakable Right! Offer ends today, 10/15/05!

These suggestions made possible by or membership in:

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