Thursday, October 13, 2005

May Luke Be with you

From the desk of Mayor officially calls today "Star Wars Day" in NYC.

I'll give you a moment to let that all sink in.
To spin your head a bit more I'll also mention that today also happens to be Yom Kippur

So while God has a margarita with the emperor I figured this would be a good chance to discuss how truly high this rates on the absurdity scale.

At the most basic level this is one of the most shallow and empty examples of how to pimp out a franchise to death. "Hey NY, I know there's an important teachers contract being voted on, we've had an absurd ammount of natural disasters all over the country and our boys are dying in record numbers overseas, but there's a mayoral race and nothing says photo-op like handing Lord Vader himself the keys to the city.

It's embarassing to me as a 'Star Wars' fan to see some drama student in a vader suit wave at the adoring public.
It's more embarassing to think of other days we don't have in honor of some real people who are practical heroes around our city.

Days i would like to see (if i wrongly mention one that is a holiday i appologize and would love to hear what day it is)
Emergency medical workers day, Firefighters Day, NYPD Day , Department Of Sanitation Day (imagine one day in this city without a garbage pickup)

Many of our civil servants who work themselves near to death to make sure this city keeps running get little recognition, yet that whiney brat Luke gets his own day.

Oh, and this reminded me of another article i ran across a few years ago.
Be carefull, it might make your head explode.

So in commemoration of this day we here at Left Handed Compliment invite you to join us for the 2 day 'Feast of the Immortal Wookie' while we stand outside the Zigfeild theater to symbolize our Lord Vaders Struggle.

Yoda Bless

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