Friday, October 07, 2005

We Shouldn't Have To Fight For These Things!

Dear OpTruth Supporter,

Once again, your quick action has helped to ensure that our Troops in harms way are getting the support they need. On Wednesday, the Senate approved Sen. Christopher Dodd’s legislation, demanding that the Secretary of Defense reimburse members of the military for equipment they had to purchase while stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Our members (that’s you) sent more than 5500 messages to their Senators, urging them to support this vital bill and maintain their commitment to America’s men and women in uniform. Because of your support, Troops who had to buy their own protective equipment (like OpTruth member veteran Todd Bowers, who we mentioned in the last e-mail), will finally be compensated fairly. To the Pentagon, $1000 isn’t much, but to an Army specialist on a $20,000 salary, it makes a big difference.

Now that’s really supporting the Troops. On behalf of all of us at Operation Truth, thank you, and please continue telling your friends about this organization, the issues our Troops face, and the ways they can help.


Paul Rieckhoff
OIF Veteran
Founder and Executive Director
Operation Truth

Follow this link to HR 2863
Dodd's amendment is number 81. Text is here.
Other amendments (pass and fail) are located here.
Senate Vote on the amended HR 2863
Original House Vote on HR 2863

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