Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Like fish in a barrel in a barrel

Jack Thompson.
He's the Kenny G of politics.
Sure it was fun to poke fun at him, point out all his kooky faults and inane arguments.
But it's become too damn easy. Everyone has taken thier shots at him and it seems that it's all caught up with him.

Jack Thompson Removes Himself From Alabama GTA Lawsuit

Most interesting is this little snippet:
The defendant team of attorneys had introduced a motion to remove
Thompson, on the grounds that his multiple press releases attacking the defense attorneys was against court decorum and in violation of legal ethics.

So what does this mean for us, the citizen.
Well, most obviously since the term 'violation of legal ethics' was used it could very well mean that if Thompson is not smart and quiet for a while he may very well be disbarred.
That means very little though in the long run. He's just a shill, a puppet that is no longer usefull. What is really exciting about this is that every one can now plainly see what a nut this guy is. Hopefully now those in power will be a bit more leery of someone of a similar knee-jerk reactionary bent next time around the block.

For more on Mr. Thompson go here

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