Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thursday Snark Report


Round-Up Of Bosses and Workers in Illegal Immigration Raid
Sooo....the Department of Homeland Security is now taking parts in textile plant raids? THIS is how they protect the country - let's stop the Mexican lady from making a blouse? Maybe, just maybe, they should have taken the tact of investigating the working conditions in these plants, but that would show a level of compassion and responsibility that our government seems to have forgotten about.

Police In Nepal Kill Three Protestors
Well, that's one way to stop civilian unrest in a country - kill all the civilians?? Oookkaayyy...

Branch Davidians Getting Out of Prison
Oh wonderful! We just needed more crazies out there!

Duke University Suspends Athletes Accused of Rape
I really hope they didn't think they could continue to attend classes during this.

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