Thursday, April 20, 2006

Goodbye Scottie We'll Miss Kicking You Around.

Well Sidney Blumenthal, I feel, puts McClellan's resignation into real perspective

From the Guardian UK:
The resignation of the White House press secretary, Scott McClellan, is an event of almost complete insignificance except insofar as the beleaguered White House presents it as an important change. Meanwhile, the secretary of defense, Donald Rumsfeld, under siege from dissenting ex-generals demanding his firing for arrogant incompetence, stays.

McClellan is a flea on the windshield of history. On the podium, he performed his duty as a slow-flying object swatted by a frustrated and flustered press corps. Inexpressive, occasionally inarticulate and displaying a limited vocabulary, his virtue was his unwavering discipline in sticking to his uninformative talking points, fending off pesky reporters, and defending the president and all the president's men to the last full measure of his devotion. Inside the Bush White House, he was a non-player, a factotum, the instrument of Karl Rove, Bush's chief political strategist and deputy chief of staff. McClellan played no part in the inner councils of state. He was the blank wall erected in front of the press to obstruct them from seeing what was on the other side. McClellan's stoic façade was unmatched by a stoic interior. He was a vessel for his masters, did whatever he was told, put out disinformation without objection, and was willing to defend any travesty. He is the ultimate dispensable man.

Well dammit Sidney have a littlecompassionn for the the little prick will ya. A flea! Adispensablee man! Well I just won't stand for that!

Scottie was the ultimate punching bag. He flustered easily and always had the disconcerting look about him, like he had thrown up five minutes before taking the podium.

So as a coda for our "SIMPLE SCOTTIE" I scoured the net looking for a place that was willing to show the little douche-bag some love:

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