Wednesday, April 19, 2006

These Folks Make The Flying Spaghetti Monster Look Better All The Time!

Red State Rabble, brought this article to my attention. Apparently the lunacy of the young earthers know no bounds. In a nod to Dinotopia or the freakin Flintstones, they are now claiming that the PYRAMIDS, yes the FREAKIN' PYRAMIDS were built with the help of the dinosaurs. The really twisted part is they are teaching this nonsense to children. Crust on a Cracker this is like using the Three Little Pigs as a DIY manual, or Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater as a marriage guide!

Here's a sample
"There is evidence that dinosaurs used to help man build the pyramids and the other wonders of the earth, including Noah's ark. Forget the idea that the Jews built the pyramids. Egyptians restored them with talented slaves, Jews. In the book of Job, the dinosaur is described as a hippopotamus with a tail resembling a cedar tree," (Rev)Fenech says.
Well that about sews it up eh? Wouldn't want Egyptians or heavens forbid Jews getting any credit here, right Rev.? Not only is this whole concept devoid of evidence and bigoted it is just plain asinine.

Click to head over to Red State for his take on this by clicking here.
For the Malta article click here.

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