Monday, May 22, 2006

Monday Rant AND A Fun Game For All

The Throw Bush Game

Ever want to give Shrub the Ole Heave Ho? Click Here

And now back to our show....


Palestinian Police And Hamas Trade Gunfire
While I hate violence, I think that the Palestinian police enforcing the law on Hamas is a good sign.

Hussein's Lawyer Thrown Out - Again!
Okay - WTF??? This whole trial has turned into a FARCE! I am not one for reality shows, but I think they seriously need Judge Judy - The Iraqi Version!

Montenegro Votes For Independence
Maybe the world should take a look at this and take note - what didn't work in the slavic states is NOT going to work in the Middle East.

Re-elected New Orleans Mayor: It's Time To Heal
Oh great! The scabs are barely off from the first time of healing and now they are calling for another one! Great - instead of a wall blocking immigration I have another way for them to spend money - Bacitracin for everyone

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