Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hey - It's Wednesday's Snark Report

Sorry about the absence, I was on vaction with the kiddies. Let me highly recommend Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster, PA to you all. EVERYTHING is designed for the little ones, and if your children are over 36" they can do just about everything.

Okay....on with the show

From CNN.com

Defense Compliants In Hussein Trial
This is almost comical. It is funny to watch the defense scramble - hard to deal with a court when you cannot change it at whim.

Blast Targets Greek Politician
Yeesh! Okay folks - only one set of bombers in the world and right now the Middle East has called it. Europeans - try something else.

Bush Lays Wreath At The Tomb Of Unknown Solider
Hey Great Decider! If you feel so badly about it why are you helping to fill the graveyards with more young men!

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