Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Tuesday Snark Report

From CNN.com
UN Resolution Regarding Iran Imminent
This should be interesting. France, Britian, Germany and the United States are of one mind and Russia and China, while against Iranian nukes, are of another as to how to proceed and enforce UN will. Hopefully this disagreement and ensuing talks to heal the breach will be a show of WHY the UN is necessary, and not evidence that it is ineffectual and should be disbanded.

Bolivia Takes Control Of Gas Production Today
Buena Suerte Bolivia! This is really a good article, and while this is very much a "Let's hear it for the little guy" kind of story there are other details that I did not realize. Uplifting and educational - I like that in my news story.

Shields on Cruise: "Irony is Perfect"
I know, I know, a little GLIB to have in the snark report - but Shields has proven to be probably the most mentally healthy mom in Hollywood AND she gets the official SNARK NOD for this ""I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Mr. Cruise has never suffered from postpartum depression" (Shield, NY Times Op-Ed Piece). You go girl!

And This Little Gem is From Boston.com - The website of "The Boston Globe"
Diner is Accidentally Served Piece of Human Finger with Burger
Customer: "NO! I wanted Curly Fries with that!"
However, the manager is happy to report that yes, it does taste like chicken!

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