Wednesday, May 03, 2006

YES RUSH! You Were Arrested You Drug Addled Moron!

IF you have too:

Turn yourself into the police
Are not free to leave the police station
Were booked and charged
Paid $3000 bail or fine


And does any one realy believe the bullshit line that you "settled" because the DA's office didn't have enough evidence? Actually... knowing some of your fan base, yeah, there are people who are that stupid.

From Media Matters:

LIMBAUGH: All right, the first thing I want to start out with is on Friday afternoon, late, sometime between 6 and 6:30, headlines began to scream across American television networks that I had been arrested on drug fraud charges. And we didn't know where this had come from, I had just returned from a jail where I -- I voluntarily processed -- went in and booked because we had reached a settlement in this case -- it's now over -- with the state attorney's office -- one little charge of doctor shopping -- I plead not guilty. It's called pre-trial diversion or intervention. It's an agreement that, after 18 months of model citizen -- citizen behavior, the charge is dropped, never prosecuted -- the case is over.
Sayeth the sheriff of Palm Beach County:
"But it's definitely going to count in our booking statistics as an arrest."

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