Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The White House Carnival Shell Game

Weekly Snark Rant
Note: Sorry that this came late, but once again had mommy things!

You've all been to a carnival. The rides, the popcorn, and the lights all promise a good time. Then, you hit the gaming tables, where the odds are at best against you and at worse fixed so you are destined to lose. The shell game is by far the most nefarious - the person working the table knows to move the marker you are trying to find beneath the shells, or never places it on the table at all. I watched that last night during the Presidental speech regarding illegal immigration.
Ah yes, we have troops in Afganistan and Iraq being made target practice by the militants. Gas is at an all time high and our popularity rating world wide is at an all time low. There is a significant crisis brewing in Iran that could reach violent proportions. So, thank you so much Mr. President for avoiding all those issues and addressing illegal immigration? Right now, with our boys being killed daily please excuse me if the biggest concern I have on my mind is the immigration status of the guy washing dishes in a restaurant. You know what, he's working. Allow me to say this, if our Esteemed Decider is so worried about employment how about he stops allowing his corporate buddies to send good jobs to India so they can save a buck? As a mother, I worry about two things - my children growing up to be productive citizens who can find a job and who do not have to worry about being killed because we have to police every piece of Earth where they can drill oil. Last night did not address that, and it was meant not to.
You see, our Esteemed Decider wants to think we are stupid. Why else would he start harping on immigration when so many other serious things are going wrong world-wide? When his corporate buddies are gouging us through not only employment opportunities leaving this country but also in our gas tanks? According to the government, that's not a problem. A man risking it all to come here and make a little money to send home to his wife and kids is? Sorry, Mr.President - I don't buy it and if your polls are any indication - the carnival is over.
After the address, the game "Deal or No Deal" went on, and one of the contestants has a husband in Fallujah. Through the generosity of the network, the man was able to be seen by his wife on a video screen, talk, and play the game with her. Total, she was able to spend more time communicating with her than the TEN MINUTES EVERY TWO WEEKS the government allows. Thank you NBC and the producers of "Deal Or No Deal" for showing more sensitivity to a family than the government does. Oh wait! I forgot. They had to waste billions on keeping us safe from illegal immigrants.
Oh, one last thing. Last time I checked the guys who got in and attacked us came here legally.

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