Friday, May 12, 2006

The "Thank God It's Friday" Snark Report


Report Says One Juror Saved Moussaoui From The Death Penalty
Whoever you are - thank you! You saved us from him becoming a martyr and a rallying cry for extremists in the Middle East.

Bolivia's Morales Defends Nationalization Of His Country's Gas
Quick question - why does he have to defend putting his people's interests first? Isn't that his JOB?

Really Interesting tool - Election Watch

Just a note: The weekend Snark Reports are going to be replaced by a Sunday "Week In Ranting Review" that will go up Sunday morning. This new feature of Left Handed Compliment will be written by a different contributor each week. If YOU have an idea for a Ranting Review and would like to be a guest columnist please send your idea and a brief summary to our e-mail.
Thanks! Gib

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