Thursday, May 11, 2006

The "Better Late Than Never" Thursday Snark Report

Note: Sorry that this is so late. I do aim to have it out by 9:00 AM, and I wish I could say I was doing something of Earth Shattering importance. However, the simple truth is I got caught up in baking for my son's school's bake sale. Yup, I am trying to save the world between nap times! ;)


Latest Idol Booted A Complete Shock
Ahhh seems we don't know how to vote properly even in pop culture. Seriously, though, the fact that Chris got booted was a travesty, and no offense to rest standing but it has now gone from finding a pop star to hosting a very talented Karaoke contest. Chris - all the best and I hope you get the success you so seriously deserve and were robbed of last night (and for the record, I voted for you).

Iran Is Open To Talks
I am really getting scared that the leader of Iran is making A LOT more sense than our president, however I guess in this case sense is relative.

7/7 Report Blames Resources
Interesting article - although I have to say that a lot of this is hindsight is 20/20.

I-95 Closed In Florida For A Couple Of Days
Hey, at least there is an excuse for there to be no movement.

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