Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday Snark Report


Senate Set to Vote On Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage
Why am I starting off the snark report with this, you may ask? Because sadly enough, THIS is what the Republicans are pushing and it is making headlines. Basically, massacres by American soldiers, the situation with Iran, and an Al-Qaeda backed Muslim group taking control of Mogadishu is not something that Washington and some Americans want to deal with - so let's pick on gay people? It's the same shell game that he tried to pull with the whole illegal immigrant issue, yet this seems to have more legs.
What scares me is that someone in this article calls this the "most important issue out today." What is, basically making a legal homosexual union something unconstitutional? Can we think of nothing else better to do with federal money? Like, I don't know, feeding and possibly adequately supplying the troops that we sent into Iraq. I am totally against what happened at Hadditha, but when you take young men, do not adequately train or supply them (let's not even talk about psychological preparation!) DO NOT have the nerve to stand there and look surprised that this happened. I do hold those soldiers responsible, but the guilt spreads a heck of a lot further than that - all the way up to our Great Decider who is currently trying to make persecution due to sexual orientation legal and EVEN AS WE SPEAK is probably in Home Depot picking out grout colors for his precious wall to keep out the scary Mexicans.

Canadian Terror Suspects Contacted Groups In Britian And US
Okay. I know that we are supposed to be the Great Western Devils - but why Canada? Does Osama Bin Laden have something against hockey??

Seriously though, I haven't heard of a terrorist coming in via Mexico - but they are getting a wall. These suspects have had contact with groups in Britian and our very own US of A via CANADA! Do we suggest a wall there?

However, these leads me to this......

Illegal Immigrants Exploited In Rebuilding After Katrina illegals are evil but if hiring low wage earning illegals will save the government some cash they are willing to turn a blind eye? Yes, I know that they are not being hired by the government directly, however the money given to rebuild New Orleans was considered woefully inadequate at the onset - and I guess this is what they were banking on when deciding upon the sum?

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