Friday, July 14, 2006

Fox News Team Shot At.

This is some great footage but the high comedy back at the Fox studios is priceless. Click Here for Y0u Tube Video. Below is a transcript of the waltzing machismo in the Fox studio, times are approximate.

5:09 Sputtering Young Guy: They were shooting at the press too.He's wearing a flak jacket that say press right on it

5:12 mr. Tough Guy: yeah but, if your someone a long ways away and you see someone and you don't know who it is sometimes you just start shooting.

5:18 Sputtering Young Guy: Really?

5:19 Ms. Try and Save The Situation: In the meantime lets take you to Germany....

This is a classic:
8:13 Sputtering Young Guy: I don't understand, it says press its the color that's international

8:17 Mr. Tough Guy: Bad GUYS shoot at anything

8:18 Sputtering Young Guy: But they were Israelis...

8:20 Ms. Try and Save The Situation: EHHHH! Its also if he's correct... but then again we don't know who was shooting at him... The other guys there are trying to protect themselves.

8:30 Mr. Tough Guy: Completely Shifting gears, are you a rotten speller?
Jesbus, that wasn't a segue that was a highway!

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