Thursday, July 13, 2006

L. Brent Bozell III, Bigoted Jackass.

Media Matters has transcript here, and if you can stand looking at this smarmy bastard you can read the original here.

This month, The New York Times has taken another dramatic corporate step toward taking sides in America's culture clash. The newspaper is a "global sponsor" of the seventh "Gay Games" taking place in Chicago from July 15 to 22.

Yes, you read that correctly. The Gay Games.

Who would sponsor this stupidity? The New York Times is not alone; it is joined by other "objective" news outlets. The Chicago Sun-Times and WMAQ-TV, the local NBC-owned and operated affiliate, are also "global sponsors." They share the Gay Games goals, to "foster and augment the self-respect of lesbians and gay men throughout the world and to engender respect and understanding from the nongay world."

Got that, nongayers? Whatever happened to "objective" media outlets at least pretending to avoid taking sides? This is the essence of political correctness: it is better to violate openly your commitment to journalism standards than assist the "bigots" by attempting to appear fair and neutral

Oh please, what a bunch of self absorbed bullshit. Really Bozz you gotta find a legitimate issue to write about. Damn, are things that slow at the intersection of Self Righteous Prick Lake and Hate Hill that you have to slum it by picking on the Gay Games of all things.

Ladies and gentleman take a good look! This is one of the remnants of the once proud(?) right-wing, Goldwater kissing, Ayn Rand teat suckling, corp-religion brigade. (Stop me before I sub-reference again,BABY!) This is the best they got and what they got is less than zero.

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