Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Kidneys Or Hot Dogs, All The Same To John Stossel

Suckeld on the teat of Ayn Rand or just an amoral opportuist? John Stossel wants to buy your organs....
Media matters provides the transcript from the July 13 edition of Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto:

CAVUTO: So you're saying, that if we open this up, so it's a free market in you know -- organs, we'd have a lot of organs?

STOSSEL: Sure, we have a lot of -- we have no shortages of anything else that faces the open market. And right now 17 people die every day waiting for a kidney. I have two; I only need one. Shouldn't somebody be allowed to offer me 10, 20, or 100 thousand dollars? It actually happens all the time -- the dirty little secret.

Whatever this guy is snortin', shootin', or smokin'.... where can I get it? Better yet if the shit makes me want to sell one of my kidney's never mind. Does he even hear and/or conscious of what he is saying? Holy Flying Spagehtti Monster!


CAVUTO: You don't think that, let's say a couple's fighting, John, right? And there is your wife next to you lying in bed, you're thinking, you know, I hack her up, I'm going to take all the organs on the open market, and it's a field day.

STOSSEL: Well, there are laws against murder.

CAVUTO: Yes, there are.

STOSSEL: But by the logic of your fear, you can outlaw almost anything.


STOSSEL: Alcohol leads to some terrible things, cars kill people, we shouldn't let people drive. Murder is illegal.

CAVUTO: But how would you -- yeah, OK, good, we got that covered, John doesn't believe in murder. Would there be a limit to this, though, or risk to this? In other words, would you be getting organs that might not be safe, that might, might have a whole lot of problems? Or those who are suffering from AIDS, and you're getting an AIDS contaminated --

STOSSEL: But the market takes care of these things all over the place. We don't get hot dogs --

CAVUTO: You love the markets. It's what you believe from --


CAVUTO: You're a libertarian.

No shit, but hell I don't even think this was in the unabridged Fountainhead. What the hell is Stossel's obsession with hot dogs?
STOSSEL: It took me too long, but also, a consumer reporter who was hostile to markets, until I saw, wow, you know, the hot dogs don't spoil when we get to them. You know, there's all these greedy people selling them, the meat could be bad. But the market figures out ways to make these things work.
WTF is he talking about? I have read thaty hot dog comment five times and I have no idea what that EVEN MEANS! Apparently neither does Cavuto.


STOSSEL: Why is it OK to donate, OK to give --


STOSSEL: -- all kinds of motives in giving -- but as soon as money's involved, it's evil?


STOSSEL: I mean, the transplant surgeons are making money, the banks that ship the stuff around, the doctors are making money, but only the donor can't?

CAVUTO: All right, well, John, would you give me a kidney if I needed one?

STOSSEL: I would consider --

CAVUTO: For a high price. [laughing]

STOSSEL: I don't know, we'll have to talk later.

The really sad part with the above is, I am not sure if Stossel is kidding....
CAVUTO: John Stossel, thank you very much. You can catch him on ABC, his book is in the bookstores now. It's at airports, you see him with the shovel. It's ridiculous -- this guy's everywhere.

STOSSEL: You gonna say the title?

CAVUTO: No, I'm not, because we've been showing it five times, for God's sake.

I am not a Cavuto fan but damn that's funny!

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