Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Jerry Falwell: Fat and Dumb, Yes I Am Being Shrill.

From Think Progress,
Transcript and Video:

FALWELL: What I said about Senator Clinton is a true fact. She will energize religious conservatives about all others. Nobody who with a fair mind, open mind heard what you just played did not know that I was speaking tongue in cheek about Lucifer running because there’s no way that Lucifer’s going to run.
MSNBC: Do you believe you were disrespectful?

FALWELL: I do not.

MSNBC: Do I take this to mean that you’re not going to be apologizing to Senator Clinton?

FALWELL: No, I’ll be saying it over and over again.

I could write a pages about what a complete asshat Falwell has, was , and will be; but why state the self-evident.

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