Thursday, September 14, 2006

The "Keep On Packing In The Free World" Snark Report

Senators Defy Bush On Tribunals
President Bush, please note the following - you cannot make up the rules as you go along. That is not only coming from Blue State Senators now, but your own party. Why the fear of a trial? Is it because you're afraid that the innocent will go free? Sorry, but unless Judge Ito is the one presiding over the trial I doubt that the terrorists will ever see daylight again. Or, is it something even more scary to ponder - you don't actually have the guilty and all your talk of a safer nation is nothing but smoke being blown up our asses?

European Countries Demand Truth About CIA Jails
Note to European leaders - do you look tough when you demand to know about CIA prision camps on YOUR OWN SOIL or stupid? I do not doubt that these camps exist, but I also do not doubt that the leaders of these countries knew. What did they think the CIA was building, a really big garage sale???

All of this talk of terrorism and security bring me to my topic for today and the inspiration for this Snark Report's title - packing for a plane trip in 2006. Before 9/11, I never had to think about what went where. Travelling with a child , all I tried to remember was to put enough bottles in the carry on to get through the flight. Then, it was a matter of remembering slip-on shoes and reminding airport security that perhaps YELLING at a toddler to have him walk through the metal detector on his own may not be the best way to go. Still, its nothing like the packing I had to do today.

I know the basics - all sharp objects and liquid/gel like substances had to be put in checked luggage. No liquids on the carry on. Since my children guzzle milk and juice like crazy, I called the airline to see what I could do. Well, they are offering free beverages, but some of the other rules were just out there. One that struck me the most was the rule on liquid medication. Now, that is a NO-NO unless you have a prescription from the doctor. What is the sense in that one? If someone is planning to stage a suicide attack do you think they'll care if they miss their antibiotic dose?

Another story that got me - a woman was asked to leave Toys R Us for breastfeeding in the store. Okey dokey then! The saleswoman told the woman that breastfeeding in the store was inappropriate. Now yes, the store does have a nursing area, but according to the law she was allowed to nurse in the store. I am willing to bet that anyone who complained about this being done around children has no problem with a woman with a plunging neckline flopping her boobs around like flags. I nursed both my children, and while I rarely did this in public there are times the kid is hungry and you have to do what you have to do. As long as I was covered, what was the problem? Why people give strange looks I have no clue and why this happened in a children's store I cannot comprehend.

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