Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Tuesday Snark Report

Okay folks! Here's another look at the news:

US Thanks Syria For Foiling Attack On US Embassy

Okay, to any and all wanna to be Muslim Extremists out there, please take note. Waving automatic weapons in the air and screaming threats in front of a US Embassy MAY NOT be the best way to get your mission accomplished. What were these guys thinking? Did they think they were going to get into the Embassy that way? Did they actually think this was going to work?

Also, when reading the article I just found myself getting confused. First, we accuse Syria of supporting terrorism. THEN, we thank them for helping foil a terrorist plot? Hmmm...maybe then the US Government thinks that Syria only supports smart terrorists and not this crew that was as obvious as a Disco Ball in the middle of an Amish Village? Heck, I think that they do qualify as too stupid to live.

New Home For the US Cattle From the Maasai
Really nothing to snark about here - but this was too cute not to put up. The Maasai tribe hold the cattle sacred, and after 9/11 made a gift of 14 of them to the US to help us heal. I love it!

Now, for Bush's speech last night. What I was hoping for was a rememberance of 9/11. A rousing speech memorializing our dead, perhaps mentioning some of our fallen heros. Ultimately, something appropriate and non-Partisian. What in God's name was I thinking?

I was furious at how the events of 9/11 were used to justify the Iraq War. Last night was not about that - save that for the campaign trail. 9/11 is about the worst attacks ever on US soil - NOT a time to campaign. What even makes me more furious was that recently Bush ADMITTED that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 - so why the heck was Iraq even mentioned?

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