Thursday, September 07, 2006

Larry King, Where Art Thou?

Okay folks, I am taking a break from the snark report for today. Not that there isn't plenty to snark about in the news, but today I'd rather focus my fractured lens on the news media itself. More specifically, Larry King on CNN. CNN, you know, the network that is supposed to be for NEWS. My husband watches Larry King at night unless some compelling reality show, like "Ice Fishing With Celebrities" is vying for his attention. Unfortunately, last night I broke my "let me do something else" tradition and watched with him. All I can say is "Huh?"

First up for this investigative journalist - talking to the woman from Vanity Fair who spent time with Katie Holmes, Tom Cruise, and their baby Suri. Yes folks, for all of you wondering, the baby does exist. Just for the record, who the heck really thought the kid was fake? I respected Katie and Tom's decision not to have major flashbulbs going off in the baby's face - really an action of responsible parents and not publicity seekers. Yes, I know that the guy jumped on a couch and trashed psych meds (if you look at the whole interview, he did have some decent points that got eclipsed by his trashing of Brooke Shields), but to FAKE A PREGNANCY AND A BABY?? Come on folks!

Also, what the heck is this doing on CNN?? News flash - look at the cute cuddly baby? Wow! That was informative! Suri is an adorable baby, but with Darfur about to blow up (when you're looking to China and Russia to restore order there is a definite problem), Al Qaeda still out there, our troops still in Iraq, the situation in Iran (Yes, Virginia, there was a Holocaust), and elections going on this November, how about we all smile at the cute pictures and move on?

Well, he did move on - to polygomy. Now, this is a topic I don't think about too often, especially since I already have my opinions. I really don't care for the idea of more than one husband - I mean how many people can I really pick up after. As far as my husband having more than one wife - I'm torn between not liking the idea and on some level realizing it would be great to get some help cleaning the house. However, no matter how abhorent some of those stories were (child brides, one guy who had numerous wives and somehow still molested his children (obviously he spiked his water supply with Viagra), etc) I really want to hear the news on Larry King, not listen to the stories from the down low of "Big Love". Yes, I think it is wrong, but there's Oprah for this kind of stuff. Polygamy may be wrong, but they are not a threat to national security. Heck, anyone with ten wives can't be a threat- they'd be too tired to plot.

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