Saturday, January 20, 2007

Divisonal PlayOffs Review

The road to the Superbowl XLI continues. There are some good games on tap with the highlight being in the AFC as Manning take on the Baltimore defense and New England tries to contain the force of nature that is LaDainian Tomlinson.

Saturday, Jan. 13
Indianapolis 15 Baltimore 6
Wanna see the stats for a defensive game?
P. Manning (15-30, 170), D. Rhodes (14-56)
BAL: S. McNair (18-29, 173), M. Clayton (6-73)
Yep and it was about as interesting too, low score and sloppy offensive (yep in both senses of the word) play. Most of us were probably shocked... when we woke up. Indy moved on but Colts fans shouldn't get there hopes up. BTW was that Eli or Peyton QB-ing for Indy?
Pick: Baltimore (WRONG)

Philadelphia 24 New Orleans 27
Pick: New Orleans

Sunday, Jan. 14
Seattle 24 at Chicago 27 1:00 pm FOX
Wow! Instead of bing a snoozer this was a fun and interesting game. I don't often like to be completely wrong but damn!
Pick: Seattle (WRONG)

New England 24 at San Diego 21 4:30 pm CBS
New England couldn't stop LT and they still won! Brady proves that in the last two minutes he is STILL the one you want behind center.
Pick: San Diego (WRONG)

Great games, for the most part, and I go a paltry 1-3 this week. Not detered in any way Conference picks coming up.


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