Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Results Week 17

Correct Pick are in Orange and BOLD, incorrect picks are in red.

Saturday. Dec 30, 8:00 PM
N.Y. Giants at Washington
While I was having flashback to the Titans game a few weeks ago, Tiki decided to force the issue. Glad I got this one wrong.
Pick: Washington
Result: Giants 34 Washington 20

Sunday, Dec. 31, 1:00 PM
Carolina at New Orleans
New Orleans barely tries and is able to avoid any major injuries. I like the Saints chances this year. Their strength is offence however their defence while not top flight is serviceable. They have the ability to go far in this wide open playoffs.
Pick: Carolina
Result: Carolina 31 N.O. 21

Cleveland at Houston
Houston wins against a team that makes Jeff Wiggle look like a bowl of French Roast Espresso.
Pick: Houston
Result: Houston 14 Cleveland 6

Detroit at Dallas
Shocked me, but hell, even John Kitna has good days.
Pick: Dallas
Result: Detroit 39 Dallas 31

Jacksonville at Kansas City
A nail biter, but these two excel at that.
Pick: KC
Result: KC 35 Jacksonville 30

New England at Tennessee
The team that never sleeps ends the reign of the comeback kid. However Steve Young is a player to watch next year.
Pick: NewEngland
Result: New England 40 Tennessee 23

Oakland at N.Y. Jets
The Jets finally an convincingly beat a bad team. On to New England.
Pick: NYJ
Result: NY Jets 23 Oakland 3

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
Heartbreak and bad luck that's the Bengals' way. I give kudos to Cowher and the Steelers for playing so hard when their was nothing left to win but pride.
Pick: Cincinnati
Result: Pittsburgh 23 Cincinnati 17

Seattle at Tampa Bay
No reason to really go that deeply into this mercy killing.
Pick: Seattle
Result: Seattle 23 Tampa Bay 7

St. Louis at Minnesota
St. Louis ended the season by skewering the Vikings and the Vikings firing another head coach.
Pick: Minnesota
Result: St. Louis 41 Minnesota 21

Sunday. 4:15PM
Arizona at San Diego
San Diego dozes off but still has enough to beat the lowly Cards
Pick: San Diego
Result: San Diego 27 Arizona 21

Atlanta at Philadelphia
Philadelphia and a resurgent Jeff Garcia march on.
Pick: Philadelphia
Result: Philadelphia 24 Atlanta 17

Buffalo at Baltimore
Pick: Baltimore
Result: Baltimore 19 Buffalo 7

Miami at Indianapolis
Well Indy proves they can win in the Dome, again, but can they win in the playoffs?
Pick: Indianapolis
Result: Indy 27 Miami 22

San Francisco at Denver
Broncos tamed, damn I should know better.
Pick: Denver
Result: San Fran 26 Denver 23

Sunday. 8:15 PM
Green Bay at Chicago
It was a pure nostalgia pick, but lets not forget... (phone rings) excuse me a sec. Hello? Hey LOVIE!!! Yeah whats up babe. Can I play quarterback?.......
Pick: Green Bay
Result: Green Bay 26 Chicago 7

This Week 11-5, Overall 22-9! Upcoming THE PLAYOFFS!!!! YEAH BABY!!!


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