Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Week 16 in Review

Not too shabby, with my Week 16 picks. I went 11-4 with a couple of surprises along the way. The big one was Indy v. Houston. The Colts usually don't crumble like that unless its the playoffs! Houston does deserve its props because, despite their record, they are an underrated team.

I was thrown for a loop, that my Pats v. Jags pick almost came through. Damn did Jacksonville play that good or were the Pats just showing more chinks in their armor. Its irrelevant in the long run, 'cause those Damn Patriots just keep winning.

My wife was shocked when I picked Philly over Dallas, but I knew, as good as Romo seems to be he is not ready for prime time. T.O. just looked awful to me as well.

If the Jets season could be summed up in a movie title it would be "Waiting to Exhale." Well with Miami out fo the way, I am all set up for the crushing defeat at the hands of the Keystone Kops of 06..... Da Raydahs! Or will my Cardiac Jets surprise me?

As far as the Giants are concerned , They plummeted off "Heartbreak Ridge". The Saints defense impressed me as much as their sterling offense. I never understood why the Chargers gave up on Brees like that or why Deuce never received the recognition he has deserved for years. Wanna freak out a NYG fan walk up behind 'em and go "BUSH!" or "DEUUUUUUUCE!" If you are married to a Giants fan, as I am, take it from me... don't. Seriously.

8 PM Tonight

Chiefs (7-7) vs Raiders (2-12) Pick: Chiefs, Correct

Sunday 1PM
Panthers (6-8) vs Falcons (7-7) Pick: Panthers, Correct
Giants (7-7) vs Saints (9-5), Pick: Saints, Correct
Titans (7-7) vs Bills (7-7), Pick: Titans, Correct
Bucs (3-11) vs Brown (4-10) Pick: Browns, Wrong
Bears(12-2) vs Lions (2-12) Pick: Bears, Correct
Skins (5-9) vs Rams (6-8), Pick: Redskins, Correct
Ravens (11-3) vs Steelers (7-7), Pick: Ravens, Correct
Pats (10-4) vs Jags (8-6), Pick: Jags, Wrong
Colts (11-3) vs Texans (4-10), Pick: Colts, Wrong

Sunday 4PM
Cards (4-10) vs 49ers (6-8), Pick: Cardinals, Correct
Chargers (12-2) vs Seahawks (8-6), Pick: Chargers, Correct
Bengals (8-6) vs Broncos (8-6), Pick: Bengals, Wrong

Monday 5 PM

Eagles (8-6) vs Cowboys (9-5) Pick: Eagles, Correct

Monday 8:30 PM
Jets (8-6) vs Fins (6-8), Pick: Jets, Correct

Okay signing off until I get a better handle on Week 17; more specifically the all important injury report.

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