Friday, December 29, 2006

WEEK 17: For Whom The Bell Tolls

Saturday. Dec 30, 8:00 PM
N.Y. Giants at Washington
Oy! Besides all their efforts to the contrary the NY Meltdown's might still make the playoffs. I don't think they can recover enough to beat the improved Skins. Joe Gibb's ends the season on a winning note and the Giants slip to 7-9. What then for the Gints? They need Green Bay, Carolina, Atlanta and St. Louis to all lose on Sunday, which is entirely possible.
Pick: Washington

Sunday, Dec. 31, 1:00 PM
Carolina at New Orleans
Does rookie coach Payton play it safe and sit his A-team? Odds are he does. New Orleans has the division and the bye clinched. Carolina has everything to play for, especially if the Giants lose on Saturday. New Orleans puts the starters on vacation and Carolina wins.
Pick: Carolina

Cleveland at Houston
Yikes! Aren't the college bowl games on New Years Day?? Houston in a rout, like anybody gives a damn.
Pick: Houston

Detroit at Dallas
Can the Lions beat the playoff bound boys? Well the Lions ain't the Eagles, so Dallas wins... big.
Pick: Dallas

Jacksonville at Kansas City
A big game even though both teams are barely over .500. A win by either team can change the playoff picture, but both need a lot to happen make that happen. I like KC in this one.
Pick: KC

New England at Tennessee
Can Tennessee's comeback kid douse the playoff clinched Pats? Hard one here, but I take New England.
Pick: NewEngland

Oakland at N.Y. Jets
Okay win or lose the Jets season shocked everyone. Credit Mangini, and a relatively injury free season. The Jets seize their own destiny by stepping on Oakland's throat.
Pick: NYJ

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
Can Pittsburgh finish a substandard 8-8 or finish a somewhat more humiliating 7-9.? Last year's Super Bowl champs get steamrolled by a hungry pack of Bengals.
Pick: Cincinnati

Seattle at Tampa Bay
Tampa was saved the embarrassment of not being Detroit, Cleavland or Oakland, but not by much. Watch Seattle fold, spindle, and mutilate the Bucs.
Pick: Seattle

St. Louis at Minnesota
Toughie this one...... (flips coin) Minnesota but only by a field goal
Pick: Minnesota

Sunday. 4:15PM
Arizona at San Diego
Kurt Warner goes behind center, maybe for the last time. Nostalgia's nice but he's no Steve McNair. Chargers zap the Cards.
Pick: San Diego

Atlanta at Philadelphia
The boys from Philly show Vick the love, by sacking him almost a half dozen times. The Eagles and the seemingly re-born Jeff Garcia leave Atlanta dangling from Independence Hall.
Pick: Philadelphia

Buffalo at Baltimore
Baltimore. Baltimore. Baltimore
Pick: Baltimore

Miami at Indianapolis
Miami in the last couple of week has shown glimpses of the team they could have been. Colts hide Manning from Z-Tom's hurtin' bombs and come up winners in a close one.
Pick: Indianapolis

San Francisco at Denver
Pick: Denver

Sunday. 8:15 PM
Green Bay at Chicago
Farve's last game?? Pass me the Kleenex, seriously. With the possible exception of McNair Brett might be the toughest SOB in the league. This is pure nostalgia talkin' but Farve pulls one last rabbit out of the hat.
Pick: Green Bay

And there we have it week 17!


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