Thursday, January 04, 2007



Each team name below links to the corresponding their depth chart; while the following goes to the injury list for wild card teams. So folks, grab your finger food of choice, your beverage of preference and GET READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!!!!!

Saturday, Jan. 6
Kansas City at Indianapolis 4:30 pm, NBC
Trent Green (KC-QB) is nursing an injured ankle while two Indy wide-outs are questionable. Doesn't matter. This will be a shootout at the Dome and in those Peyton comes through, even in the playoffs.
Pick: Indianapolis

Dallas at Seattle 8:00 pm, NBC
Tough game with two tough teams. Can Romo rise to playoff caliber? I say no and Seattle puts the Cowboys out to pasture.
Pick: Seattle

Sunday, Jan. 7
N.Y. Jets at New England 1:00 pm, CBS
Oh sweet damn I shouldn't touch this game with a ten foot pole. After splitting the season series my hopes may to raised too high. I will go out on a limb here for the upset. The Jets have momentum and will beat the ultimate momentum killers, in a heart attack inducing game.
Pick: New York Jets

N.Y. Giants at Philadelphia 4:30 pm, FOX
The Giants haven't proved that they have moved on from the "Tenessee Massacre" a few weeks back. Hell, they almost went belly up against Washington. Eli is one bad game away from getting the nickname "Footsteps" Manning while other key players are battered and bruised. Philly is slightly hobbled, but Garcia has looked totally Pro-Bowl. The Eagles soar and end the Giants season.
Pick: Philadelphia


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