Monday, September 26, 2005

In related news, Batsignal to be used in emergencies.

From the pages of the Daily News: Kelly irate over video game

Well, I’m relieved because it must be a pretty slow crime day if this is the top of our auspicious police commissioners TO DO list.

Essentially the game, 'True Crime: New York City', is set the tell the story of A detective in NY who takes the law into his own hands when the system is ineffective. Kelly argues this portrays the NYPD in a bad light and as such should be boycotted.
Wait a second, couldn’t the same be said of the movie classic “Serpico”? If memory serves correctly that film portrayed an entire squad as corrupt with only an individual who was honest. If Commisioner Kelly called for a ban on the DVD sales of “Serpico” we would all have a good laugh and talk about how daft he is.
People have been trying to vilify video games for some time now, due in a large part to the fact that they do not understand them. The individuals who become publicly vocal on this topic are those who need a quick shot in the arm in approvals polls. Yes Mrs. Clinton, I’m looking in your direction.
And no I will not even comment on the ‘Hot Coffee’ mod that has sparked one of the biggest scandals to date. It is a silly explosion over a badly rendered ‘sex’ scene which contains no nudity whatsoever, literally less than you would see on Showtime and certainly less than you can see in the current hit (and great game) ‘ God of War’. The M rating states that it is a game for 17 and older. I will remind you that hardcore pornography carries the same restrictions
The current witch hunt for video games that is brewing smells dishearteningly like the senate hearings in the 1950’s who’s purpose was to find a link between juvenile delinquency and the horror comics of William M. Gaines (Tales from the Crypt and such). That is to say, bullshit. The argument went, a selection of children who were juvenile delinquents were also readers of these comic books, ergo the comics made them delinquents. Not their poor living situation. Not abusive parents. It was clearly the comic books fault. And if I jump off a roof I can sue the pants off of DC because Superman made me do it. By the same thinking one can say that baseball is ruining our children.
Some children are delinquent. All children play little league. Therefore, it is baseballs fault. (This was a beautifully tongue in cheek article done in the Gaines created MAD magazine.)
Much like movies and books, video games like 'Grand Theft Auto' are merely art imitating life
This, folks, is life imitating art.

And because I love the fact that ill-informed people always pull out the ‘protect our children’ argument, I will remind all involved that this game has been given a Mature rating by the ESRB. Video games are a form of entertainment, just like movies. It is escapism, it is us at play. It is cops and robbers, cowboys and Indians and keep in mind that it is mainly people in their 20’s-30’s that are buying them and playing them. If your child is playing games you dissaprove of, don’t call your congressmen. Do what your parents did when you were caught reading ‘Catcher in The Rye’…parent them. Pay attention to your child. If you are too busy to pay attention to and personally limit what your child is exposed to, then maybe you’re just not trying hard enough.
I for one will not suffer because of your neglect.

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