Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dammit! I Think We Earned One!

OKAY! PARTY PEOPLE!!!! With victories in Virginia, New Jersey, California, Pennsylvania, the New York mayoral race being a Democratic primary, and intelligent design going down in flames (along with all the ID supporting board members) in PA. Its time to get your Progressive groove on. The good folks at Drinking Liberally lay out the reasons!

The cost to Doug Forrester of losing again while
Dems retain New Jersey: $20 million.

The cost to California GOP of getting beat
while Schwarzenegger squanders his meager political capital: $100 million.

W goes to Virginia with GOP down 3 points; stakes his rep, holds a rally & heads home ...with GOP down 5 points: PRICELESS.

12 months ago, W promised to spend his capital.
I guess now it's spent.
His current heft: worthless.

Pour a glass to progressive power of '05, as we prepare to pour ourselves into '06, at our weekly democratic drinking club. DRINKING LIBERALLY Every Thursday - 7:30pm onward Rudy's - 9th btw 44th & 45th [backyard, weather permitting]

Learn about our Holiday Sale / Fundraising Drive

or become a "Drinking Liberally Regular" at

LAUGHING LIBERALLY has one more night
of its Showcase at Stand-Up New York!
Tuesday, Nov 15 - 9pm
Stand-Up NY - West 78th & Broadway $10; NO drink minimum

Find other DL chapters in NYC Williamsburg on Tuesday Park Slope
next Wednesday
Bronx, Steps Out,
Hoboken soon
& Upper East, East Village, Astoria all at

May we humbly suggest attire for the evening....

This fine design and a few others can be found at the Left Handed Compliment Store at

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