Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Thursday "Ann Coulter Should Be Struck Mute" Snark Report


Al- Zarqawi Has Been Killed in Iraq
Hey Hey Hey - goodbye!

Gitmo Fight: Attorney Claims Prisioners Only Wanted to Defend Their Korans
While I am all for religious freedom and that people should have their faith treated with respect, how come personnel cannot touch a Koran BUT they can touch a Bible, Jewish prayer book, and just about every other holy book? Even if I believe this one prisoner's attorney - searching a bound book in which things could be hidden should not be a problem.

Hillary Slams Coulter Over 9/11 Widow Attack
WHO THE HELL DOES THIS WITCH THINK SHE IS?? Honestly, I have occasionally listened to conservative pundits and have found myself disagreeing with them, often vehemently. However, the level of aggravation and disgust I feel is nothing compared to how I feel about Ann Coulter. Well, conservative media - here's your literally fair-haired child. She has faithfully done your bidding over the years - heck, look at her new book entitled "Godless: The Church of Liberalism". - what are you going to do? Limbaugh, O'Reilly, Hannity - wherefore art thou? I know damn well that if a "Godless Liberal" had said that, the three of you would be bursting blood vessels over the airwaves.
Then again, I shouldn't be surprised. In all of her interviews Coulter shows a vague connection with the planet Earth - I shudder to think of what her interpersonal relationships are like. How could she understand the affection and intertwining of lives that goes on in a normal marriage let alone understand the loss that these families felt. What's the matter Ann, these women actually had the moxie to question your precious conservative party? You call liberals godless, and yet you act in a vindictive and vicious manner that is so against the mores that are promoted by Christianity or any other religion for that matter. YOU have the right to say what is godless and what is not??? YOU wouldn't know God if you saw Him, and if there truly is a Judgement Day you'd better pray you don't see Him soon. Maybe by then they'll have a medication that can fix whatever the hell is wrong with you and you have a chance of being something besides a vicious shrew.

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