Thursday, September 28, 2006

Gummo Writes the Epitheth For The Rule Of Law.

51-48: Sad part is one Senator didn't even bother to freaking vote. If I followed the roll call on C-Span 2, it was Snowe (R-ME)
Democracy in America died today after a long illness.
September 28, 2006:
Washington DC

Though it was mourned by a vociferous few, most merely yawned and changed the channel.

"It was time," said Cynical Dictatorship, Democracy's successor, "Democracy meant well, but it got in my way. The old have to make way for the new and all that."

When it was pointed out that Cynical Dictatorship has been around much longer than Democracy and has rarely done much good for more than a few people, Cynical Dictatorship replied with a wink, "That's facts for ya -- always getting in the way. They won't be a problem anymore, believe you me. And as for doing good only for a few -- that's why I'm here."

American Democracy will be interred alongside its brethren, Honor and Integrity. There will be no ceremony.

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