Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Met to Go all Techy and Stuff!

Read this in my morning paper and was absolutely giddy! Before the three little liberals entered our lives my wife and I used to go a few times a year. Whether it was the Met or City Opera, it always provided an evening to remember.

Sitting in the Family Circle, the Met's nice way of saying the "cheap seats", may not have brought you front row center, but provided a grand view of the elaborate sets, and I fee a better sense of the story. If you have never treated yourself to the glory and beauty that is opera, go for it, and hell you don't even need to wear a tux.
Hell a Saturday performance, of my favorite opera Tosca, costs $42 in the family circle and on a weeknight you can get in for as little as $15!
Met announces plan to simulcast opera

NEW YORK -- The Metropolitan Opera is vastly expanding its broadcast presence, transmitting six live performances to movie theaters in North America and Europe this season and broadcasting more than 100 live over the Internet or on digital radio.

As part of the company's groundbreaking attempt to expand its audience, it announced Wednesday that the six video broadcasts will be followed by telecasts on PBS following 30-day windows. DVD and CD releases could follow. The Met also will make many of its historical broadcasts available on the Internet, some for free but most for a fee.

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