Thursday, October 05, 2006

Petition Pimping!!!

When I go to the store I get a receipt, no problem. Why is getting one when you vote considered major brain surgery by some people?

Text of the Petiton and Link, ClickHere:
Make Sure Every Vote Counts
Dear Governor Bush and Governor Taft,

I am concerned that your states use electronic voting machines that do not provide paper receipts. Without paper receipts, there is no way to verify election results if voting problems occur.

In recent elections, voters in YOUR states - Florida and Ohio - were caught up in electoral debacles that led both to problems on Election Day and a national lack of confidence in our election system today.

I believe that all voters who use an electronic voting machine should be provided with a paper receipt so that they may verify their vote.

As the Governors of Florida and Ohio -- two states that know all too well the consequences of questionable voting systems – I urge you to set an example for the rest of the nation by insisting that any electronic voting machines used in your states must provide paper receipts. Florida and Ohio need to lead the way in making sure that all votes are counted accurately and that all voting machines allow verification of election results.

Your leadership is important not just to voters in your states but to voters nationally, because it is possible that Florida and Ohio could again determine the outcome of future presidential elections and/or which party wins control of Congress.

Please act now to assure fair and verifiable elections!

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