Friday, September 29, 2006

George Allen Denies Another Heritage??

Ok I am getting really confused. When I saw the headline I figured it was another article about Allen denying his mother was Jewish or French-Algerian or maybe he found out he was part wombat or something. However it seems that George "Macaca" Allen has pissed off his base constituency:
The Washington Post
Group Accuses Allen of Spurning Heritage
The Associated Press
Thursday, September 28, 2006; 4:20 PM

RICHMOND, Va. -- Sen. George Allen's use of the word "macaca" for a young man of Indian descent forced him to spend the past six weeks disputing claims that his past is littered with racist language and a fondness for Confederate symbols. On Thursday, the furor came full circle when the Sons of Confederate Veterans turned on Allen.

The organization criticized the Republican for saying he had been slow to grasp the pain that Old South symbols like the Confederate flag cause black people.

"The denunciation of the flag to score political points is anathema to our organization," Brag Bowling, immediate past state commander of the SCV, told reporters near the state Capitol, once the Confederacy's seat of government.

Allen campaign manager Dick Wadhams said Allen stands by his comments.....

Since Aug. 11, when Allen singled out Webb campaign volunteer S.R. Sidarth at a mostly white rally and called him "macaca" _ a term considered by some to be a racial slur _ the senator has been beset by damaging claims from his past. Allen's campaign gave conflicting accounts of how he came up with the word.

College-era acquaintances then claimed he used a common racial slur for blacks. Stories about how the Confederate flag he kept in his home and a hangman's noose in his law office have gained new currency. At a debate, Allen was startled and irritated by a question about whether his grandfather was Jewish, then confirmed it a day later.

Allen's election to the Senate was once a lock but now is within the margin of error in most major polls:
SurveyUSA 09/24 - 09/26: 628 LV
George Allen (R): 49%
James Webb (D): 44%
Undecided: 4%
MOE: +/- 4%

Zogby Interactive: 09/19 - 09/25 960 LV
George Allen(R): 49%
James Webb (D): 44%
Undecided: 7 %
MOE: 3.2%

Rasmussen 09/12 - 09/12 500 LV
George Allen (R): 50%
James Webb (D) 43%
Undecided: 7%
MOE: 4.5%

Watching this guy implode is almost as fun as watching Kat Harris's self immolation. However, while Harris is just a nutjob Allen seems to be stuck in an indentity crisis. So we have a question for George Allen.

Will the real Slimey 'n' Shady please stand up?!?

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