Friday, December 22, 2006

Money Talks and B*LLSH*T Walks, Wofie

Talk is cheap, especially from a President who has spent all his non-existent capital. Much like the federal budget, Shrub built up a bill that his administration can't cash anymore, but when absolutely useless people like Wolf Blitzer, portray themselves as "in the know" and relevant, and say crap like this, it is not just bullshit, its embarrassing.

Media Matters Provides the transcript:
From the 4 p.m. ET segment of the December 20 edition of CNN's The Situation Room:

MALVEAUX: Well, Wolf, really, the final news conference is a chance for the president to press the reset button, to give his New Year's resolution, if you will. The president vowing several times not only to work with Republicans but Democrats as well to come up with some sort of Iraq policy that is successful, but also one that the American people can get behind....

BLITZER: Meantime, the top Senate Democrat is taking a new jab at President Bush on Iraq, despite his talk of bipartisanship during his news conference.
That's right Wolf cause as we say in New York: That and $2.00 gets me on the subway. There is no legitimate reason for Harry Reid, or anyone for that matter, to believe this president. Bush squandered every last shred of his, questionable, integrity back in '03 for jimminy's sake. Please Wolf stop making an ass of yourself , you really don't need to drop to your knees and perform journalistic fellatio for these people anymore. Unless of course your really believe the jumbo sized portion of crap you are being served? If so please refrain from holding it out to the rest of us and asking, "Gee, does this smell okay to you?"

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