Sunday, December 03, 2006

O Me Gosh! O Me Gosh! Coolest Thang EVAH!!!

The single coolest Holiday gift ever. Sales pitch from for this $100,000 thing of beauty:

Good enough for Lord of the Rings film director Peter Jackson's home in Wellington, New Zealand. Unbelievable sounds and MP3 files are available on our MP3 page. Plays 47 percussion instruments with Bass Guitar, Guitar, Banjo, Flute Pipes, Accordion, Bells and Piano. Sounds great with rock, classic, blues, jazz and many other music forms.
Saw this over at AICN. Looking at this wonderous piece of musical merriment I am reminded of the line from "Ruthless People" as delivered by Judge Reinhold:
"Check it out! Thirty feet of thigh-slapping, blood-pumping nuclear brain damage! If you can't afford it, F**KIN' FINANCE IT! And here's the best part: when you die, they can BURY you in it!
Okay, nuclear brain damage might be a bit of a stretch for a ragtime nickleodeon but Shweeeeet Mama!!! Look at this!!!
Oh yeah! Get the coconut telegraph powered up, grab your Fins cap and spalsh that ice and Margarita mix in yo blender! Click here to head over to their website and check out this thing palying "Volcano".

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