Sunday, January 21, 2007


Okay, we are nearing the end of this forced march called the NFL Playoffs. We are down to the final four, the best of the best.

New Orleans at Chicago 3:00 FOX
I would love to say that I think the Saints can use there offense to roll over the Bears and finish this Cinderella story in Miami. It won't be that easy. It all comes down to which Rex Grossman shows up at Soldier Field. The Saint's D, especially their secondary is suspect while the Bears, with the possible exception of the Ravens is the best in the league. Much like Grossman this is a coin toss.
Pick: New Orleans

New England at Indianapolis 6:30 CBS
Here we go again! Oh hell Indy's D looks really good, which has been the surprise of the playoffs, just ask the Ravens. Peyton hasn't looked especially good the last couple of weeks but it seems that they are doing just enough to win. However, I just can't pick Brady to lose a big one.
Pick New England


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