Friday, February 23, 2007

Duncan Doing His Best Not To Become President

Sooooo, what does a application to work on Duncan Hunter's campaign look like? One can only imagine. So thanks to Roger Ailes, we greet another of his employee's , Dr. Hunter Jordan.
'Screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims' says S.C. education official
(May 16, 1997 12:25 p.m. EDT)

A state Board of Education member, talking Tuesday about displaying the Ten Commandments in public schools, had a ready suggestion for groups who might object to it.

"Screw the Buddhists and kill the Muslims," Dr. Henry Jordan said during the board's finance and legislative committee meeting. "And put that in the minutes," he added.

The remarks made Tuesday were expunged from the written minutes, but were recorded on tape. The (Columbia) State obtained the tape under the Freedom of Information Act.

Jordan, a surgeon who failed in a bid to get the Republican nomination for lieutenant governor in 1994, said Thursday he thought the meeting was over and members were engaged in private conversation.

The tape, however, shows the committee proceeding to other items on the agenda.

Jordan also said he didn't mean for his comments to be taken literally.
Ummm... yeah, of course you didn't mean it seriously. Doc, I was born on a Friday, but it wasn't last Friday. Oh and well you thought it was off the record and not part of the meeting? WTF?

Okay it gets better, and why all this brouhaha over The Ten Commandments, otherwise known as Hammurabi's Code, pocket edition.
"What I want to do is promote Christianity as the only true religion," he said. "This nation was founded to worship, honor and glorify Jesus Christ, not Mohammed, not Buddha."
He must have missed that whole separation of church and state thing in civics class.

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