Friday, February 23, 2007

The Wacky World of Dick!

Sometimes all you need is a headline:
Cheney Criticizes China's Arms Buildup
By ROHAN SULLIVAN 02.23.07, 3:32 AM ET

"Other actions by the Chinese government send a different message," Cheney told the Australian-American Leadership Dialogue, a private organization that promotes ties between the two countries.

"Last month's anti-satellite test, China's continued fast-paced military buildup are less constructive and are not consistent with China's stated goal of a peaceful rise," he said.
Are we still, (chuckle) going ahead with "Star Wars", Dick? Yep, big surprise that a country would be testing an anti-satellite systems, especially with cool-headed, peace loving, teddy bears like you roaming the political landscape. However, lets be honest, the SDI systems have been a boondoggle and red herring since St. Raygun was steering blindly at the helm. China is much more afraid of the spy-sats that actually work, but it does send an effective message to the retro-80's members of the Republican party who think SDI will actually work.

With the anachronistic Cold War policies this administration espouses, y'know like overtly overthrowing regimes for financial concerns, it is not surprising that other countries are preparing for the worst. Take for example this statement out of the "How to Make Your Own Vietnam Handbook". As you read this replace "jihadist(s)/ Taliban" with the word Communist and of course Iraq/Afghanistan/ Middle East with the Far Eastern or Central American country of your choice:

"Having tasted victory in Iraq, jihadists would look for new missions," joining the Taliban fighting in Afghanistan and spreading "sorrow and discord" across the Middle East and further afield, he said.

"Such chaos and mounting danger does not have to occur. It is, however, the enemy's objective," Cheney said. "For the sake of our own long-term security, we have a duty to stand in their way."

I lived through the late seventies and ALL of the 80's once. I do not need to live through it again. Besides I got rid of "Member's Only" jackets and bottle of Drakkar years ago.

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