Friday, May 25, 2007

Meet Me In September....

It looks like the issue of Iraq, the surge, and the funding of a fiasco has officially been placed on the Congressional back burner until September. Its prominence in the news and the American psyche will only grow. Each death from now till Congress takes up the issue will be the price of being reasonable.

I hate it.

If I wanted to be uncivil, I would call this recent vote the steaming pile of rancid wombat shit it is, but we must be civil. We don't want the Times or WaPo to think of us as unwashed, rude, and not in the Washington loop. Frack'em!

How much more does American opinion have to turn on this war or its criminally minded ideologues that forced it? The Bush infestation has shot its load, spent its 5 cents of political capital. It is time to bring our soldiers home!

There are no more excuses.

This is the quandary Congressional Democrats have found themselves in. We are no longer the minority party, that excuse is gone. The whole concept of supporting the troops by keeping them in a crumbling corner of hell was bullshit to begin with. If we approve funding with timetables and benchmarks, and Dimwit McFrackstick doesn't like it, then too bad. That's life baby cakes. Congress holds the purse strings swifty live with it. Thanks for nothing. Waiting till a vote is pointless, when you COULD HAVE led by example is not something to put on your presidential resumes. I don't know if Edwards, if he was still in the senate, would have done something differently, but at least he has been beating the peace drum the most consistently, at least amongst the major candidates.

Okay, with the settling in phase at my new job over, I hope to be posting at my usual rate.

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