Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tear Down The (Fire )Wall!!!

Picked this one up over at Slashdot .

The Toronto Star reports on an effort by hackers to circumvent the ridiculous internet censorship imposed by the Chinese government amongst others.

May 7, 2006. 07:16 AM

Looking at them you might not guess it. But deep in a basement room on
the University of Toronto campus, three unassuming computer hackers with messy
hair and wrinkled T-shirts are working to tear down China's "Great Firewall,"
the most sophisticated Internet censorship system in the world....

...Hacktivism is the melding of hacking and social or political activism.
Hacktivists have a common enemy, Villeneuve once wrote in The Hacktivist, an
online magazine he founded: "the repressive use of laws and technologies by
private corporations and governments to increasingly monitor and control the
Internet." ....

..."Hacking is an important philosophy we need to recover in our society,"
says Deibert, now the father of four young children, "because so many systems of
control are embedded in technology, most of which we're unaware of.
more we take the screws off and understand how things work, the more we'll have
citizens in control of their lives and the technological society they live

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