Wednesday, May 10, 2006

It's the Wednesday "Keep On Snarking In the Free World" Report

David Blaine Was Unconscious and Convulsing When Rescued During Stunt
Listen, I am all for the fun and the thrill of watching people try things that others cannot do. No, I cannot hold my breath for more than a minute MAYBE, and there is a reason for that - my body needs oxygen. The week underwater was interesting to watch and hats off to Mr. Blaine but please, do not try the holding your breath stunt again! We will all stop breathing someday Mr Blaine, I promise you.

European Plan Emphasizes Incentives For Iran
Gee, why would they want to make it worth their while?? Didn't the bullying just do such wonders? Really interesting article, but it did scare me. It is scary when the leader of Iran makes slightly more sense than your own president.

Hamas and Fatah Agree To Stop Fighting
Perhaps the best way to convince people that you are not interested in war is stop attacking each other - good work boys!

Second Grade Girl Sexually Assaulted By Twelve Boys During Recess
Only good thing about this article, the sanctions against the teachers who were supposed to be supervising. However, they should have been stronger.

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