Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Katheirne Harris' Comedy Road Show Continues!

Seems that Florida's Speaker of The House Allen Bense has decided not to run against the collapsing silicon fascade that is the Katheirne Harris campaign. The WaPo blog quotes The Holder of the Chang as saying, (For more on the power of the CHANG click here):
"While the challenge of running a successful campaign over the next several months was exciting, and while I am confident we would have been successful, ultimately my decision came down to the fundamental question of whether I was willing to spend the next six, 12 or possibly 18 years of my life away from my family and my home serving Florida in the U.S. Senate," said Bense in a statement. "After much thought and prayer, I realized the answer is 'no.'"
This leaves Harris all on her lonesome and some serious egg on the face of The Shrub. In order to humiliate herself further she attempted to meld with Shrub when he landed in Tampa.
The Houston Chronicle is on the beat:

Though the White House also has spoken supportively of Bense _ who remains undecided about running _ it's difficult for a president to shun a local member of Congress. So Harris, the state's former secretary of state who captured headlines for her role in clinching the 2000 election for Bush, was waiting for the president as his plane landed in Tampa.

But though Harris spoke animatedly for several minutes and kept a firm grip on the president's hand, he wore a grim expression and didn't display the jocularity he usually bestows on local greeters. Harris did not attend other events with the president, while GOP Rep. Adam Putnam, who also was at the plane, did.

Karma is a bitch Kathy eventually the wheel turns and bites ya right in the arse. Watching the deconstruction of Harris has been a real treat for me. Ever since she assisted in getting Shrub into office, she was S0S of Florida during the 2000 election, I have hoped to see her political career careen down the gully of irony in flames. She is the lipstick stained collar the Bush's can not kick to the curb. They try... man.. how they have tried, but each time she crazies her way back to their side. Pure Comedy GOLD!!!

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