Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Shrub Really Should Not Be Allowed In Public Anymore.

This man is truly the dumbest to ever serve, and if you ever read about Warren G. Harding, well.... it's really saying something.
From the WaPo
Speaking yesterday at a retirement community in Sun City Center, Fla., Bush urged eligible seniors to act quickly. "Deadlines are important," he said. "Deadlines help people understand there's finality, and people need to get after it, you know?"....
Shrub, do you really think that seniors citizens in need of medical care really need you to define finality to them?

Families USA, an advocacy group, estimates that fewer than one in four low-income senior citizens have enrolled, despite an expensive government outreach to educate people.

"Contrary to promises by the president and congressional leaders, low-income seniors are not receiving help to make their medicines affordable," said Ron Pollack, executive director of Families USA. "These are the very people who need help the most, yet the administration's promises to them are much more rhetorical than real."

For months, Democrats have sought to push back the enrollment date to allow seniors more time to sort through the different insurance packages being offered. In some regions, that number can top 40 plans, all with different premiums, co-payments, coverage gaps, preferred drugs and so on.
In short Medicare "D" is a boon to the Pharma lobby and a total waste of national treasure. The number of plans conflict on which drugs they cover, and as anyone on maintenance medication can tell you it can be quite a cocktail.

One of the disturbing things is that one medication may be covered by one plan but your other drug(s) may not. This leaves the senior out of luck AND leaves the door open for Big Pharma companies to partner with insurance providers to be brand specific. This would in turn force doctors to help their patients by trying to tailor their prescriptions to the patients insurance.
Further complicating
the issue, is that some drugs do not have a generic version or an equivalent substitute produced by another company.

A failure right out of the gate, thanks Shrub.

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