Friday, June 09, 2006

It's Finally Friday "Snark Report"


Al-Qaeda's Number Two Man Appears On Video: Evidence Suggests the Tape Probably Predates Al-Zarqawi's Death
Listen Al-Qaeda - enough with the death threats and calls to arms - try to stay current! I mean, you don't even keep us updated when your "holy warrior" dies?!?!?! Also, for the record, before you declare someone the "prophet of Islam in Iraq" make sure they actually know how to load the gun they are posing with in the video.

GOOOAAAALLLLLL! The World Cup Starts Today
Okay, I know this is not particularly popular in America, but come on guys. Get with the program! It's time to get to know the world's most popular sport - educate yourselves!

Blair and Chirac Hold Talks: This Summit Should Be A Warmer Affair
Awww....Tony and Jacques are friendly again. Well, with their respective domestic popularities not exactly stellar at least those crazy kids have each other.

Prisoner Says Life Without Sex-Change Operation Is Cruel and Unusual Punishment
Every once in awhile there is a news story that makes me shake my head and say WTF! THIS is such a story. A woman trapped in a man's body is too much suffering for you to bear, huh? How about the suffering of the woman who was murdered by the man she loved and married? How about the suffering of the parents of this woman? I really do think that some punishments are too harsh, but the state is giving this inmate medical treatments including female hormones, and access to women's clothing in a male prision. However, that is not enough to stop you from feeling like a "circus freak"? So "murderer" is okay but "circus freak" is too much to bear?

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