Thursday, June 08, 2006

Olberman Puts The Smackdown On The Screeching Harpy!

It is difficult for me to really dig into someone as mentally unbalanced as Ann Coulter, but I'll try. Ann has a problem with widows speaking out and trying to gain some understanding of why their husbands died and could it have been prevented. Having no ability to even fake compassion, Coulter has profited from 9/11; just as ShrubCo. played it like a harp from hell all the way to the 2004 election.

I have come to believe that Ann Coulter really does not give a tinker's cuss about religion. politics, or anything else for that matter, except Ann Coulter. Her unitelligible ideology, mindless rants, and shock value have created quite a cottage industry for her.

Her only job and concern is to keep the spotlight firmly onAnn; and be damned anything and everything else. Her twisted myopic viewpoints should be taken with no more than a grain of salt because she doesn't even believe it. She can't, because you have to have a conscience to believe in anything. I can not even call her a conservative. Imus, Buchanan, Dobbs, Ingram and even that little twit Carlson are at least debatable. With the afore mentioned group there can at least be some discourse, even points of agreement, but not with Ann. The only goal is continued progress up the NYT bestsellers list and as much face time she can achieve around the cable dial.

Keith Olberman puts a coda it. (Video)

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