Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Oh my. This Is Just Completely Batshit Insane!

I wish I new where to begin, I really do. First with the Bank of the United States question answered in 1836, East and West Florida firmly in U.S. hands, and the Cherokee and Choctaw tribes pacified one would think a Jacksonian party would be necessary.

However here it is, and damn if they don't have a plan for Iraq and the Middle East. Over 5000 words that makes the PNAC mission statement read like the Beatitudes. To sum up the "Master Plan": BLOW EVERYTHING IN THE MIDDLE EAST UP. Where the troops and money come from.... who knows.

This is what happens when you play Age of Empires a wee to much, you come up with
horseshit ideas like this one (link).

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